The Full Moon Effect ~~People are Nuts!

We have had a full moon for the past few days. So if you have been wondering why it seems everyone around you seems to be conspiring to drive you absolutely batty, that is why.

It seems every full moon all common sense is sucked out.

I like think I’m a pretty patient person. My real issue is tolerance of stupidity and for some reason the two are colliding the past few days. My patience is in hiding and my tolerance is pretty much on vacation.

People seem to be arguing over nothing, others are forgetting everything they ever knew, people are rude, and others are just doing plain stupid things. Then again, maybe the rest of the world is sane and I’m the one going coo koo.

Most of the time I just laugh at it all. But this full moon for some reason I’m not laughing as much as usual. Maybe it is a test. A test of my laughing ability.

The good thing is, the moon will be less full tomorrow and the world will go back to normal or as normal as it gets.

Tomorrow my test will be over and hopefully I’ll at least get an “E” for effort. I’ll be able to laugh again at the oddness in the world.

Till then, I’m needing you all to pick up the slack.



~~~till we laugh again~~~

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8 thoughts on “The Full Moon Effect ~~People are Nuts!

  1. I’m just glad my kids have grown up because when they were little they drove me nuts during the full moon. Apparently, the same thing happens at the other end of the spectrum too. I have two neighbours who work at an old age home, and they say that working on the night of a full moon is hellish!! Keep smiling🙂

    • most of the time I find it all funny. I never look up when we will have a full moon I just know based off people acting weird. Lol

  2. Some of us are nuts all month long.

  3. Perhaps it has to do with the large solar storm that is raging now as well. We are getting hit by both the sun and the moon.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! People were nuts all weekend!

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