I’m Up For The Challenge!

Ok, so Benzeknees took a challenge from Pink Ninjambi to do the 30 day question challenge. Being that I’m terrible at following rules, why on earth would I take 30 days when I can do my version in one day?

So with that typed, let’s get to this! 😀


1. Five Ways to Win Your Heart:  Let’s see. What can we wager my heart on? You can win it in a poker game, or we can play that game of Operation where you pick it out of the tray, or maybe  we can bet my heart on Slappy Thunder at the Horse Races, or maybe you could win it as part of the lottery or finally you could win my heart by just telling me a great joke.

2. Something You Feel Strongly About: I feel strongly about deodorant. The smell of sweat is gross.

3. A Book You Love: The phonebook. Comes in handy when you need a booster seat.

4. Bullet Your Whole Day: Shower, work, blog, work, play words for friends, wash, rinse, repeat

5. Things You Want To Say To An Ex:  Sorry X, the Q stuck it’s tongue out and had me at hello.

6. Your Views on Mainstream Music: I think it should be legalized.

7. Five Pet Peeves:  I have Tommy, Freddie, Sammy, Bobbie and Mookie. Best Pet Peeves I ever had. Very little water and they don’t eat much and are potty trained.

8. What You Ate Today:  Food. Thought about eating a couch but I don’t like stuffing.

9. How Important You Think Education Is:  Edumication is portant cuz ewe dunt want 2 look dum

10.  Ten Songs Shuffled Through iPod …I’m still waiting on the punch line to this one? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, Like a lawyer, a mathematician and duck walk in a bar…   (I’ll wait for you to get it….)

11. Your family:  Is wacked. Nuff said

12. Five guys whom you find attractive: Stewie from Family Guy, Fred Flintstone, Goofy, Taz, and Tigger. Oh so sexy all of them.


13. My Opinion of My Bod and How Comfy I Am: My bod? Is that the latest sleep chamber? Sounds real comfy.

14. What You Wore Today: Clothes. Thought about a sheet, but I couldn’t tie it right.

15. My Zodiac/ Horoscope: I have no idea what your zodiac / Horoscope is but I do know mine though.


Well, looks like I will break this into two posts. Might as well milk it for two posts. Besides, I’m tired of being witty. I’m not a circus clown who can perform on demand like this.

Ok, tune in tomorrow for the last 15 things someone thought would be interesting to learn about me.  😀

~~~till we laugh again~~~

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12 thoughts on “I’m Up For The Challenge!

  1. lets get down to a round of poker!

  2. Everyone is sharing. It is so daring. Your souls you are baring. With all of that caring. How loud you are blairing. How are you fairing? In the spotlight’s hot glaring. What wonderful pairing. To go I am raring. But please stop staring. My heart you’re ensnaring. Away I’ll be tearing. In the clothes I am wearing.
    Do you have any herring???

  3. you are really good at funny! i’m also glad you feel strong about deodourant! lol

  4. Laughed at your ZANY replies. Went WAY beyond “funny”!

  5. Thanks for taking on the challenge Tammy! I knew your take on this would be hilarious. “Food” “Clothes”

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