Green Bananas & Banana Splits Don’t Mix

green bananas

Dangerous to Dentures

So, have you ever tried to cut a green banana for a banana split? 

Every week I venture to the store to pick up bananas for my store. Usually I look for a mixture of yellow and maybe a few greenish so they can ripen over the next couple of days. Last week the store only had some severely green bananas. These ones here are what they look like 5 days later. Yep, still green. So can you imagine how green they were on the day I bought them!

Needless to say, peeling these suckers back to “split” them for the banana split was no easy task. Now, I’m a pretty darn good banana peeler if I do say so myself. With one quick pull I can skin the sucker and slice and put in the banana boat in like 2 seconds flat. Not these suckers. They were cocooned in tight, not quite ready to be a butterfly. Holding on for dear life as if they were afraid of the tummy monster.

Oh no not the vanilla!!

First it took like  7 hacks to peel it back. Then I needed a banana extractor tool to plop it out the peel. I never knew a peeled banana could be used as a hammer. Those suckers are hard!

Moral of the story….

Only eat really green bananas if you have really, really strong teeth and machete to hack em! 


~~~till we laugh again~~~


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20 thoughts on “Green Bananas & Banana Splits Don’t Mix

  1. you crack me up, but just make me a banana split please, with ripe bananas!!!

  2. These bananas were removed from their ripening sprayed carton too early! Don’t you get tummy aches from green bananas?

    • I could never eat them. But every freaking banana at the store was that green. It was crazy.

  3. OR, you have Gnashers as strong as mine :-P

  4. So, did you feed them to the customers???? LOL

  5. I wonder about the bananas that turn brown while parts are still green. Are we making geneticly altered bananas now???

  6. A cautionary, but a-pealing, post.

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