Boy It’s Hot!

Just turn the fan on!


Doesn’t work in AZ…


That fan would only draw in the 105 degree heat and make it feel more like …..

ohhh maybe 99 degree heat…

Oh yea, my bad


~~~till we laugh again~~~

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16 thoughts on “Boy It’s Hot!

  1. I lived for a short time in Yuma, Az. and I thought I would die from the heat!

  2. whoa! better turn the air conditioner on instead! ♥

  3. I wish we could get some warm weather.

  4. At least if the air is moving it helps to dry all the sweat on your skin!

  5. I hate being hot.

  6. I hear a lot of people say, yes, it’s hot in Arizona, but it’s a dry heat. Can’t you say the same about an oven?

    • exactly! Hot is hot, but I am thankful I’m not dripping wet and my glasses all foggy. LOL

  7. But it’s a DRY six-degree difference.

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