What Color Have You Dyed Your Hair?

Would You Dye Your Hair Pink?

How About Purple? 

How about both? 

Pink Purple Hair

Not me. I’m not that brave or silly.

This is my sister the artist. She figured what better way to get inspiration?

She did this around Halloween so as a good sister I gave her my witch hat.

Is it me or did this turn out to be an awesome combo?!

Purple hair witch

My Sis the Witch

Then around Christmas when I realized the pink/purple was staying around for a bit,

I was at our local Walgreen’s and found the PERFECT gift for her.

I saw it and just knew the two of them were meant to be pals

Pink Hair and the Unicorn

My Sis & Her Unicorn

Aren’t they a cute pair? Besties forever

or as the kids say: BFF


So, what odd? different? Inspirational color have you gone with?

Not just the spray and wash out type either.

I want to know a color you Really, Really Committed to like my sister the artist?

~~ till we laugh again~~

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18 thoughts on “What Color Have You Dyed Your Hair?

  1. I would love to do that as a shock factor to my grandchildren… alas not brave enough…. ‘maybe a wig though’ !! When I was a young thing and dyed my hair over another color I ended up green…not bright but definitely green… Diane

  2. Believe it or not, I am 48 and have never fully died my hair. Highlights a few times, but that’s it. I have never minded my hair colour and don’t really like change much :).

  3. I have put a purple and then later pink streak in my hair, but never all over color in wild colors!!!!

  4. I would dye my hair the same mauve as Helen Mirren! So pretty! But I wouldn’t go bright pink!

  5. Hey. as I sit here and read my sister’s blog, I am waiting to wash out my hair after the dye sets. My new color is a little less bright but still not the norm for most; It should be a rich velvet blue with highlights of Easter-blue when the Sun catches it — that is, if the color dye takes well over the lightened purple and pink previous adorning my head. I’ll post a photo tomorrow for you Tammy, for you sister and your followers to see how it turns out. Chow…

  6. I have died my hair grey… oh… wait…

  7. Hi all, my hair is a velvet blue however, I can’t seem to post a photo here in the comments area; So, I will send some to my big sis, funny lady herself, Tammy to get it posted for you all to have a look see.

  8. What hair? Got nothing much to work with.

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